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E. Daniel Danson


Finding new meanings for Hanukkah is a kind of Jewish cottage industry. The classic descriptions of the holiday center on the fight for religious and political freedom and the miracle of one day’s worth of sacred oil burning for eight. But in Macabbees x, one can find Hanukkah described as a kind of Sukkot in December, and as historians have dug down deeper into the texts they have also discovered a Jewish civil war, with the more observant Jews taking on the more assimilated ones.

 It is the war itself, as either a struggle for religious freedom or national liberation, which has loomed largest in the modern Jewish world. The theme of religious freedom resonates powerfully with American Jews. Israelis are drawn to the story of a plucky people fighting for national independence against great odds. But the rabbis always leaned away from the military theme and towards the spiritual one. In the Talmud only the candles are remembered.

The Haftarah reading for the Shabbat in Hanukkah is drawn from the prophet Zacariah and reinforces this sentiment, “Not by might, not by power, but by My spirit – said the Lord of Hosts.” (Zech. 4:4) We may discover other historical and thematic realities to Hanukkah, but as a religious event it is hard to improve upon the meaning of this verse. Wars may be necessary to defend human freedom and dignity, but it is Jewish tradition’s thirst for compassion and justice that sustains us.

 It is easy to be fascinated by the ever growing historical insights into Hanukkah and its evolving meaning, but the rabbis’ focus on the peaceable message of Hanukkah is an important source of inspiration. Even when we fight a just war, it is critical that we never lose sight of the peace we seek and its connection to the divine. Just as in a few short weeks we will surely be inspired by the lights we kindle on Hanukkah, so too this message of peace is one that never grows old.

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  Fri, Dec 5      6:00 pm     Kabbalat Shabbat Service

  Sat, Dec 13   10:00 am    Shabbat Service & Torah Portion Discussion

  Fri, Dec. 19   7:30 pm    Hanukkah Shabbat Service

  Fri, Dec. 26   - - - - - - -   No Service

 Fri, Jan 2       7:30 pm      Shabbat Service     


Kabbalat Shabbat Service

On Friday, December 5, starting at 6:00pm,

Mt. Sinai will be having a Kabbalat Shabbat get together. This is a wonderful opportunity for members to get to know one another in a fun and informal setting. There will be a short Shabbat service beginning at 6:00pm followed by dinner at either the Mandarin restaurant hosted by Marsha and Max Stella or at the Elks club (membership not required) hosted by Karen and Peter Rotter. The only cost is for the dinner and both restaurants are very reasonably priced.  Any questions, please contact Marsha Stella or Peter Rotter.




A Shabbat Service and Torah Portion Discussion will be held on Saturday, December 13th at 10:00 am.


Join us on Friday, December 19, for a Hanukkah Shabbat Service at 7:30 pm

Coming Soon…..

 Stevens Point Family Shabbat and Potluck at the Kadoch Home

 Saturday, Jan.  16, 2015 at 6 pm

 Bring a main dish and a drink, salad or dessert.

Save the date!

Mt. Sinai Community Shabbat

Friday, January 23, 2015

7:30 pm



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To: Bill and Gail Skelton for hosting the Point Shabbat on Nov. 7.

To: Joyce Louis and Dan Ronis and Nancy Lease for hosting the Oneg Shabbat on Nov. 15.

To: Bill and Julee Duessing for hosting the Point Family Shabbat on Nov 22.

To: Jenny Gordon, for setting up the Chanukah Gift Shop.





Marsha and Max Stella

Phil Albert and Margo Quinn

Larry and Julia Weiser



12/6     Vayishlach      Gen. 32:4 – 36:43 12/13         Vayeshev        Gen. 37:1 – 40:23

12/20   Miketz            Gen. 41:1-44:17;

                   Num 7:30-41

12/27   Vayigash         Gen. 44:18 – 47:27






12/7           9th Session

12/14         10th Session, P/K, Latke Party 11:45am

12/21         No School / Winter Break

12/28         No School / Winter Break

1/4             No School / Winter Break


Please note that the Office will be closed the week of December 30th – January 2nd 



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                  Looking for Fun Chanukah Items?                                                  

Look no further.  The Mt. Sinai Gift Shop is full of great Chanukah items. Everything you need for a successful holiday celebration is here, like dreidels, menorahs, candles, banners and gelt.  Out of the ordinary items include gel clings, puzzles, pencils, desktop games, chocolate molds and water globes.  There are items to help fry up those latkes like spatulas, serving utensils, aprons and hot pads.  Come see the assortment and support Mt. Sinai’s Gift Shop!   



BOOK CLUB will be held on Wednesday, December 3, at 7:00pm.

LUNCH BUNCH will be held on Wednesday, December 10, at Noon.

MAH JONGG will meet on Wednesday, December 17, at 7pm.




Wausau Community Warming Center


The Wausau Community Warming Center re-opened its doors for the 2014-15 winter season.  They are able to offer a hot meal, shower, laundry services and a place to get in out of the cold to our community’s homeless.  You can still join the many wonderful community volunteers who keep the doors of the Warming Center open.  Learn how to volunteer or make a monetary donation at  Your support is greatly appreciated!   





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 Hanukkah Used Book Sale      

  Sunday, December 14th

 Our annual Used Book Sale will be starting soon!

Please bring in your used Adult and Children's books, CD's, and DVD's. 

                                                      All proceeds benefits the Religious School.



Silent Auction & Latke Party 


We will be having a silent auction held in conjunction with the Hanukkah Latke party and a NEW FEATURE….DRUM ROLL ….a Jewish Trivia Contest for all ages!   So brush up on your Jewish holidays, Rituals, Torah stories, Israel and Jewish celebrities and get ready for some fun on December 14th.  We will also being a doing an edible craft for the kids. Party gets started at 11:45!


 Please consider donating a new item to the auction or asking local businesses for a donation.  We can use items for people of all ages and families. Handmade items are popular along with specialty theme baskets, food and beverage items, and gift certificates.  We have donation letters you can use and personalize when contacting a business. Don't forget about your favorite direct sales company. It is a great way to get their name out in the community. Please bring items into the teacher’s room and fill out donor information sheet. Contact Julee Duessing with any questions, or for a copy of a donation request letter.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.










Volunteers are needed to help with cooking, set up, clean up, and to act as greeters, for the Mt Sinai sponsored Community Supper to be held Sunday, December 28, at First Presbyterian Church.


Contact: Rabbi Dan at 715-675-2560 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Mt. Sinai Congregation

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 Wausau, WI 54401


 Please note that the office will closed the week of December 30 – January 2. 


DECEMBER 2014                            KISLEV/TEVET 5775


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